Welcome to Pennsylvania Competes’ Website

Posted on May 26, 2015

pacompeteswebsiteToday, we’re excited to share with you Pennsylvania Compete’s new website—your online hub for the latest news and actions in our campaign to protect gay and transgender Pennsylvanians from discrimination. Our new website gives supporters all the tools you need to get involved in our historic campaign—from sharing your story to volunteering.

Right now, you can take actions that will help us secure protections for Pennsylvanians right now:

  • Sign the petition: We know a majority of Pennsylvanians agree discrimination is wrong—but now it’s time to show it! Sign the petition if you agree it’s time to protect LGBT Pennsylvanians from discrimination and then share it with your friends.
  • Share your story: Supporters across the state are coming together to share their stories about why they believe all Pennsylvanians should be protected from discrimination.
  • Volunteer: We’re growing our campaign every day as more and more supporters are joining us at phone banks and community meetings. Volunteers are at the core of our efforts, so sign up now to join us at a volunteer event near you.

And don’t forget to “like’ Pennsylvania Competes on Facebook and follow @PACompetes on Twitter. Together, we can ensure that soon, all people are protected from discrimination in Pennsylvania.