Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape Debunks Anti-LGBT Fear-Mongering, Calls for Passage of the PA Fairness Act

Posted on April 5, 2016

Just days after a shadow group launched a website aimed at demeaning LGBT Pennsylvanians and tricking lawmakers into opposing non-discrimination laws, today the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape issued a statement debunking this fear-mongering political agenda—calling on lawmakers to pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act without delay.

PCAR Twitter (1)

Their statement reads, in part:

PCAR supports the call for statewide anti-discrimination measures. LGBT people are at increased risk for experiencing sexual violence, in part because of discriminatory practices in local, state and federal arenas. This policy action is one way that we can build a safer, more affirming environment for people who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

PCAR goes on to draw comparisons between the new anti-LGBT effort in Pennsylvania and the recent discriminatory HB2 law passed in North Carolina—now regarded as one of the worst anti-LGBT laws in the country. The North Carolina law, much like the new rhetoric spouted by opponents in Pennsylvania, demonizes transgender people, using unfounded “bathroom panic” to incite fear.

These fears, PCAR assures, have no basis in truth. In the 17 states and 200+ municipalities with LGBT nondiscrimination laws on the books, there have been zero reported cases of harassment. Meanwhile, transgender people “are at increased risk for experiencing physical, sexual and verbal assault in public restrooms (FORGE, 2015). This is especially true when their rights are not protected by law.”

You can read more about PCAR’s support for the Pennsylvania Fairness Act as they debunk lies from anti-LGBT opponents here.

CLICK HERE to urge your lawmakers to reject the harmful lies of our opposition and stand with the majority of Pennsylvanians—and more than 1,000 businesses—calling for immediate passage of the Pennsylvania Fairness Act.


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